Project Components

Component -1

Transfer of Technology and Provision of Equipment
-Formation and Strengthening Farmer Group
-Training and Field Demonstration

Component -2

Irrigation and RURAL Infrastructural Component.
-Development of Small Scale Surface Water Irrigation Channel System
-Construction of Net Sheds
-Improvements of Roads in Rural Area
-Constrauction of structure on rural road
-Building of landing stage
-Construction and rehabilitation of rural market
-Expansion and reconstruction of DAE regional office at Barisal and construction of 9 Upazila Training Centers

Component -3

Capacity Building and Consultancy Services.
-Consultancy Services
-Training for Extension Trainers

Component -4

Project Management Unit (PMU) & Financial Audit.
-Payment of Staff Salaries and Allowances
-Purchase of Office Equipment and Furniture
-Provision of transport or Vehicle
-Office administration and maintenance
-IDB familiarization and review visit
-Start-up workshop
-Financial Auditing

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