Expected Project Output

1. Field crops, fruits, vegetable and spices cultivation area increased by 20%, 25%, 10% and 15% respectively by proper utilization of fallow land and introducing saline tolerant verities/crops and new technologies etc.

2. Cropping intensity increased by 15% in comparison to project time.

3. No. of homestead vegetable garden will be increased by 25%, Fruits and vegetable production will be increased by 15%, and 35% respectively and their consumption also improved by 5% and 35 RESPECTIVELY.

4. Targeted 60, 000 no. of demonstration farmers is trained on crop production, seed preservation and environment friendly agricultural practices through the use of locally available resources. Their capacity building will also be improved on seed production, fruit production and other homestead farming.

5. 5000 small, marginal & landless farmers groups are formed and federated up to Upazila level. Most of the problems regarding crop production and marketing are being solved through collective efforts.

6. Scope of mechanized cultivation increased, irrigation channels constructed, irrigation area and water use efficiency increased. Irrigation infrastructure and facilities developed. Small farmers access to irrigation facilities ensured.

7. Capacity and Capability of DAE increased to provide demand driven and need based extension service to the poor farmers.

8. Organic matter content of the target farmers land increased upto 1%.

9. Rural Road communication facilities improved and cost of production decreased and profit of agriculture enterprise increased.

10. Six growth centers and 8 landing stages have been constructed and farmers are enjoying marketing facilities and are getting better price.

11. Per capita income of poor farmers increased upto 25% and nutritional status improved by 25%.

12. Sidr affected target farmers resumed to their livelihood

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